Public Examination:What is going on?

Every country worldwide has public examination system in different name and purposes.But back in my country Bangladesh, may be over crossed all records by putting four public examination in twelve years of schooling.Before Public Examination System contained two major exams; the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination is the first in the hierarchy of public examinations. It is held after 10 years of schooling. Next is the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination held at the end of grade 12. Recently government introduced two more exams in the system ,Primary School Certificate (PSC) examination after 5 years of schooling and Junior School Certificate(JSC) examination after 8 years of schooling. Now I don’t know any country which arrange such public exams after 5 or 8 years of schooling.Can someone tell me what is the certain logic  to held an exam after 5 years of schooling .Government claims it will improve the education system and increase the number of people holding an certificate.

Is education all about gaining or giving a certificate? Of course, not.An exam after five short years schooling is rather worthless as student s are not ware about the needs or real life application  of a public exam.This exams can may cause unwanted fear about exams in a child’s mind.In current social aspects of Bangladesh, it will just complicate the education life of the students.Examinations are not the only or very proper way to judge a student or child’s merit.We should opt for an easy and smooth but effective education system .I think it is a bureaucratic decision; not a very wise step nor based on research.

As I believe, gaining a certificate is not the goal of education.Education is about building up social awareness,morals and intellectual among the students.It is a process of a child’s socialization. Government should emphasize on these implicit goals of education rather than certify or examine new systems on students .Hope government policy makers realize this soon.